Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing

Business Trends

The implementation of classic data processing is mainly for acceleration, cost reduction, and automation of processes in individual business areas. Because of which an enormous data and information potential has sprung up in the industries in several domains.

In parallel, increasing globalization, decentralization of organizations and several other factors have created the need to be able to recognize market trends and to have information about their products, services and competitors at the ready to react in a cost effective and fast manner to changes in market conditions.

To gain that competitive edge, stakeholders and business leaders in globally operating enterprises rely ever more frequently on the effective use of this information. But this information is often spread across the different areas in different domains of the business environment. This is exactly the challenge that data warehouses attempt to meet. Extensive solutions are required to cover the whole process from the retrieval,analysis, reporting, archival of data.

What we offer

Our solutions help our customers to unleash the potential behind their data by providing an efficient and effective way to slice and dice data and make business critical decisions. The bottom line of the companies has been greatly improved by using our services for various clientele in several sectors. Whether it is tactical data mart you are looking at or as a basis for Business Intelligence Reporting, or a full Enterprise Data Warehouse aligned to industry standards and best practices, Delta can help. Our highly trained consultants are proficient in a number of industry recognized ETL tools, Relational, OLAP and non-Relational sources and can offer a full range of services.

  • Data Warehouse/Mart Design
  • Data/Business requirements gathering
  • Data Warehouse Review & Health Checks
  • Data Warehouse Prototyping & Building
  • Optimization of Data Warehouses for Business Intelligence
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