Access Control


Physical access control system is an automated system that controls an individual's ability to access a physical location such as a building, parking lot, office, or other designated physical space. These systems typically include the following functions:

  • Enroll employee
  • Assign access privileges
  • Authorize access
  • Update and revoke access privileges
  • Provide for temporary credentials
  • Generate access reports
  • Maintain the access database
  • Manage visitor control

What we offer

Smart Card Based Access Control Systems

Delta's Smart Card Based Access Control Systems help an organization become secure and efficient. This is achieved as we integrate and deliver different components in Access Control Systems like authentication and security, communications, identity management and data management.

Biometrics Based Access Control Systems

Biometrics have started to play a vital role in establishing personal identity and thus have taken the Access Control Systems by storm in the recent years. Delta's Biometric Based Access Control Systems uses state of the art technology to provide fingerprint access which identifies individuals in a error free and fraud free manner.

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