The time had come when E-governance has become more of a requirement than an option. All of us require information, enormous amount of information that is unfathomed just a few years ago. The way we are progressing in technology, news, media, our basic premise regarding our right for information and well defined systems are becoming a necessity. The more conventional government agencies, administrative and judicial branches are also slowly adopting to the new requirement and are sure to be changed very rapidly.

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For the last few years, we at Delta have been cautiously on this analyzing and researching the several areas that need improvement. We have developed the packages that have radically integrated the processes in various government agencies and the hub and spoke architecture that we have used to build these packages have also added to robustness and security of the systems. Delta provides integrated end to end solutions to several government agencies across the world.

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    Tie-up with Dipol March 2009

    Tie-up with Dipol to provide specialized equipments for Surveillance, Security and Access Control Systems...

    Launch of HRM Suite November 2008

    Delta launches the complete HRM Suite which can be readily deployed in SMEs and Government...

    Smart Cards Case Study June 2008

    Initiated case study on Smart Cards, describing the usage of smart cards in different Govt sectors.

    Web based CMS March 2008

    Our Web Content Management System aids the creation, customization, modification and...

    India Operations June 2005

    Delta starts India operations targeted at Software Development, Outsourcing, domestic HR Management...

    MoU with Georgia State

    Delta extends the MoU with Georgia State Dept. Delta would identify and place American national talent...

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