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What is a Career Mentor?

In today’s intensely competitive and changing world even professional experts can get left behind if they miss opportunities or if they do not carefully plot their career graph.

A Career Mentor is someone who will make sure that this does not happen to you. A mentor is there to guide you to the specific niche that you dream of entering and also to put forward new opportunities that you are suitable for.

Meet the Delta Career Mentor, a power to take your career to astounding heights as you relax.

Delta Career Mentor

Delta offers a unique break to IT professionals to bank their resumes with us.

With the help of the network of information that is accessible to Delta, we will get back to you with suitable opportunities to match your aspirations and to bring exciting opportunities for career growth.

All you have to do is to tell us where you want to be in terms of the specialization, the level of work and the financial expectations and we will do the rest. In case required Delta can also train you for particular projects so that you can perform to the best in your assignment and constructively add value to your employer.

Advantage Delta

Delta Career Mentor makes it very easy for you to realize your ambitions. This is how:

  • You save valuable time in searching for suitable openings
  • Delta contacts have a wide reach spanning various countries and organizations to get information on opportunities that may not reach you.
  • We meticulously match your expectations with that of the company to ensure you fit the position comfortably.
  • If you need we help you to train and upgrade your skill set to realize your dreams.
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    Tie-up with Dipol March 2009

    Tie-up with Dipol to provide specialized equipments for Surveillance, Security and Access Control Systems...

    Launch of HRM Suite November 2008

    Delta launches the complete HRM Suite which can be readily deployed in SMEs and Government...

    Smart Cards Case Study June 2008

    Initiated case study on Smart Cards, describing the usage of smart cards in different Govt sectors.

    Web based CMS March 2008

    Our Web Content Management System aids the creation, customization, modification and...

    India Operations June 2005

    Delta starts India operations targeted at Software Development, Outsourcing, domestic HR Management...

    MoU with Georgia State

    Delta extends the MoU with Georgia State Dept. Delta would identify and place American national talent...

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